We are the Southern Sophia Skoolies. We have converted a 1998 International Amtran Gensis School Bus into a motor home. We live in our bus, Sophia, full time. We have been blessed to get this opportunity. 

Who we are;

We are Erik, Diana, Zac and Nate! If you follow our FB, YouTube, and other social sites. You will hear Zac referred to as ZAR, it is his initials and he finds it beast! He is our youngest at 11 years old! 

What we have to offer along side awesome products;

    • photography
    • graphic and web design
    • marketing management
    • licensed marriage officiant 

Random why;

We have always been like nomads and moved frequently. God has opened a door for us to realize our next chapter in life. We can move with our home and save a lot of money in the mean time. We can teach, have family time, and just enjoy life and each other, meet some interesting people along the way. That is the ultimate goal with this chapter.

We know there are going to be some that don't agree with our lifestyle but that's fine. We are working toward this next chapter to flourish in life and give our kids an opportunity to experience life in person and not just from a book. 

What our website will entail;

  • We will be having random raffles to miscellaneous items we are making and selling. The money will be used toward our life, our bus, and schooling expenses and much more. 
  • We will be posting video's about our adventures, what we are doing, and reviews for products we have and are testing.
  • We will be posting information and tid bits about building a skoolie and what we have learned "not" to do.
  • Information on parks, places to stay, and much more random information.