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Cooper Lake State Park

We used to come to Cooper Lake to primitive camp.  If you don’t know what primitive camping is; it is walking into camp, pitching your tent and providing all your own facilities and water. However, we didn’t go without facilities a short walk we had access to bathrooms. It is breathtaking at the lake and so refreshing. The views, the hikes and the adventures you get to experience as a camper is great. All of the staff and host at the park are all sweet.

Our first experience with a park host was down in Deer Haven. We were walking up to the nature trail to hike. We stumbled upon a beautiful RV with lots of flowers and plants outside. We stop and were greeted by the sweetest lady and she told us all about her flowers. They are beautiful even to this day!

The hikes and exploring nature at the park is surreal. We enjoyed swimming, the water is refreshing and where we were camping at the lake it was just a short hike down. You just stand there and look out and think how wonderful it would be to wake up to this view every day.  We had seen a few deer that scurried quickly through the forest but that was about it. We thought we were experiencing a part of nature that couldn’t be explained.  However, fast forward a year later and we realized there is a part of nature and wildlife that you don’t get to enjoy unless you're here every day.  


Can I just say living at a state park is amazing? Living at Cooper Lake State Park has been an amazing adventure so far. It appears the wildlife have minds of their own and they know when we are busy to stay nicely tucked away. For instance Labor Day weekend, we had a full house of campers. The wildlife stayed still until everyone was gone. By Wednesday the does brought the fawns out to play, the squirrels played tags along the way, the armadillos started moving, the hummingbirds and other birds came out to play. You see where we are park hosting, we have a armadillo we named George, most nights he comes out to look for food. When everyone was in the park he stayed away and ventured away from all the hustle and bustle.

Early in the mornings, while I am leaving the park to drive to work, I see anywhere between 4 or more deer every morning out by the ranger stations playing. I will drive up and just stop, you know what’s funny is they know my truck and the sound it makes. They don’t move they don’t hesitate what they are doing. They just ignore what I am doing and go about what they are doing. Occasionally the fawns will look up and wag their tails.

Deer at ranger station

In the evenings the amazing hubby and I will take a drive around the park to check out our sections and make sure everything is clean. We strive to provide one of the cleanest and friendliest parks. There is an amazing behind the scene crew that up keep the park to make everyone's visits wonderfully amazing. Anyway, along our drives we will see does and their fawns out playing. We just turn off the motor and watch them play and eat. Fawns remind me a dogs they just wag their tails and seem so happy with no worries.

We have two hummingbird feeders sitting on our windows and we have a hummingbird family it appears. We have a adult male and female with a smaller male and female. They will come through and eat and then go fly around playing. Its funny because Zar will be out playing on the picnic table or computer. The hummingbirds will swoop right by him, once one stopped and just looked at him. It's such a blessing to be able to be part of nature. They have learned we aren’t there to hurt them just want to be part of their lives.


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